Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fuzzy Hair & Rainy Days

Yes...that's my hair. Fuzzy. And it has been raining on and off for a few days now. 

Here is a picture of what it looks like outside my front door today

We have several of these pink plants out the front of my studio and the front of the lounge. They look awesome on a day like this with their bright leaves and raindrops decorating them.

Summer and I took the 4 hour round trip to visit my Mum yesterday and the weather was just as soggy. The drive there wasn't so bad...but the drive back home was terrible.

We enjoyed lunch at a local venue and it was very yummy. Then we trekked over to my favourite store 'Giddy & Grace'. I almost always come away with less money in my bank than when I arrive. And this time was no different. I bought myself some gorgeous Owl wrapping paper and this:

It's really heavy - it's made from stone. But I love Owls and knew it was coming home with me the moment I touched it. I also purchased a lovely white ceramic one from a fellow Etsian in Melbourne. I have used it as a prop for my Etsy shop too... Iove it. It's so cute and detailed.

My mother bought me these little bird eggs as a gift ♥

Now I just need to find something to display them in :)

I finally got my new dining chairs. Hubby was so helpful in taking the nearly 5 hour round trip picking them up in his new truck. Now we are back to needing a new dining table as the chairs really don't work with it :(

Below is what I am working on:

I have just oxidized those 2 pieces and hopefully will finish them off this afternoon. The metal clay pieces will have to wait another day or so to be fired as it's so damp I have to ensure they're properly dried out. 

This past week(ish) I've been on a roll with my muse. It has been a while since I've had this amount of pieces on the go - just finished these 2 below on Monday as well

Both are Ocean Jasper and I love these stones ♥ You can see the White Owl I bought too ♥

Summer is on 2 weeks school holidays now. It's going to be boring for her at times, but it can't be helped. When it's raining, indoor activities are it. I might be able to take the trip up to my Mum's again next week. It's such a hike, but it gives us something to do and gets Summer out of the house to visit her grandies :)

Okay I've rambled on long enough now. Might make myself a nice hot cup'a'soup!

Em ♥

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No Silver in stock arggh!

lol...I couldn't think of a title for my post, so I just wrote the above.

I want to place a nice big order with Rio, but they are out of stock of the particular silver sheet I want. Apparently it will not be available till early July :(


Now I could of course order it from the suppliers around here....but I find they don't keep up to date with the prices and it ends up costing me approx $20 more for a sheet. And that money could be spent on other things! So I guess I will wait  .....

Summer had Roseola a couple of weeks back. Her temps reached scary levels, but fortunately we were able to keep them down and we didn't have to go to the hospital. She also missed a whole week (3 day week) of Kindy. But she gets 3 days there this week and then it's school holidays for 2 more weeks again.

Her nanna is taking her to the Dora show on Sunday and I am finally picking up some new dining chairs. I can't wait. The ones I spent a whole week painting, are just falling apart and need too much work doing to them, plus they're not comfortable ... at all.

I haven't been well either lately and I am trying to get to the bottom of it. But the doctor I was seeing wasn't being very helpful. So I went to our family doctor a good 30 mins drive away and he's pretty decent at his job, so I might be getting somewhere finally. 

Not much else has been going on here apart from everyone being sick (flu as well). 
I did finish a custom order a couple of weeks ago and I sold a new piece that I'd only just listed, which was nice! Sales have been soooo slow. So. Very. Slow. I am trying to work on new pieces, but seeing as everyone's been sick, it's kind of put my bench to the background. But since Summer is at Kindy today, I am trying to finish some work.

 Druzy (this stone is sooo awesome!)

 Chalcedony Pendant (sold)

Custom order

For some reason my pinkie finger on my right hand is shaking like crazy.......not normal.

Best leave it here...it's almost lunch and then I have 2 hours left to myself for the day. Must not waste it :)

Em ♥